Hiring an experienced and charismatic DJ is a must for any wedding, especially in Phoenix. When it comes to wedding reception entertainment, you just can’t beat a DJ. They can play dozens of songs, all while keeping the party alive on the mic. In a hot city like Phoenix, you need to keep your guests pumped up and having a great time. Here are the top benefits that you’ll enjoy from hiring a disc jockey in Phoenix:

Access to Thousands of Songs

One of the biggest reasons women choose DJs for their weddings is the sheer variety of songs they have. A talented disc jockey will have literally thousands of songs for you to request and play.

If you choose a band instead of a DJ, you’re at the mercy of the songs that they know. Even the most seasoned wedding bands can only play 50 – 100 songs by memory.

Conversely, a DJ will have an extensive library of songs with differing styles and genres. Your guests will have a blast requesting songs from their favorite decades. There’s no better way to get wedding guests dancing than by playing the tunes they love the most.

Perfect Sound Every Time

Another huge benefit of hiring a DJ is that their music sounds incredible every time. With a band, the members could be having an off night. You risk the quality of your music when you hire a band. With a DJ, they play recorded music through cutting-edge sound equipment. The result is beautiful music that sounds crisp and alive.

Visual Splendor

One of the significant advantages DJs have over bands is in the visual department. Modern DJs love to use:

  • Light-up dance floors
  • Disco balls
  • LED lights
  • Digital screens and videos

Hiring a DJ is both an auditory and visual entertainment experience for your guests. The lively music and beautiful light show will enamor your guests and get them moving.

You Can Pick and Choose

Do you have a handful of songs that you absolutely can’t stand? Then you can approach your DJ and tell them not to play them. That way, you ensure that you won’t hear the songs that trigger your nerves. You can also request your most favorite songs to play during the night. You have the freedom to customize the set list during the night as well, something you can’t do with a band. Even if a band knows tons of songs, they may not know your absolute favorites.

Charisma and Personality

DJs are trained performers and speakers. In addition to playing music, they can pump up the crowd, deliver announcements, and more. A disc jockey is a perfect person to keep the reception flowing. They can make announcements; ask for the group to get quiet, and more. A charismatic DJ can also elevate the party to a new level.

There you have the main benefits involved in hiring a DJ for your wedding. You’ll enjoy access to tons of songs, visual elements, and a charismatic host. Don’t wait to do a little research to find the hottest disc jockey Phoenix has to offer!

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